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Friday: Day off work. Finally got around to going to a place to have the gorgeous joedecker rainbow print I bought last month framed. I had a lovely sunny stroll to this Union Street shop, where the proprietor (recommended by Gregor) was another friendly blond photographer named Joe. That evening, I also had a very nice date with someone I met at a poly gathering earlier in the week.

Saturday I was very lazy and stayed home and ate Thanksgiving leftovers and played Nethack all day, for a tournament I forgot about until it was halfway over. I've won one game and have another very promising one in progress, but don't know if I'll have time to finish it by the end of the week. I haven't played much since the June tournament (on a different server) and I'd gotten very rusty. In the evening I had a lovely unplanned visit from lrc and zabster, who looked adorable in her Dickens Faire drag.

Sunday I went out with thomwatson, jefftabaco, Frank, and his friends Chris and Nate to brunch and the Sing-a-long Sound of Music at the Castro Theatre. It was a lot of fun. The Sound of Music is my second-favorite movie (after Crimes and Misdemeanors); I watched it on TV every year growing up, and also own the DVD. There was a costume contest; though fewer dressed up than I expected (I was half-expecting throngs of gay men in lederhosen), some of the children's costumes were adorable. The MCs strongly encouraged us to participate fully in the experience, which led to an almost Rocky Horror-like atmosphere; we hissed the Baroness, booed the Nazis, stood for the wedding, and popped champagne fireworks when Maria and the Captain kissed. I sang loudly and unabashedly, trying to hit every note from the Captain's lows in "Edelweiss" to the Reverend Mother's highs in "Climb Every Mountain". Great fun.
Tags: singing

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