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Saturday: gerardp was very sweet to help me with errands: picking up the joedecker photo I had framed, and getting beverages for boyziggy's work party. We also walked around Union Street a bit as I wanted the excuse to take some photos, but didn't find much inspiring to shoot, other than some beautiful chocolates in a fancy store that said I could only take one photo. (At least I asked. After I bought several chocolates to show good faith, of course. ;-) )

Then we joined other friends for dinner at Ananda Fuara where we discussed weighty matters, and then all went to a great big fun party which I might write about separately. Was wonderful to see so many of my friends and sweeties there; only wish Ziggy could have been there too, but he had to work as usual. (At least opera season's almost over!)

Today: Gerard and I had lunch with obadiah and musededanse before they went to the opera. I rested at home for a couple of hours, then went to meet Mike and his friend Rex for karaoke at the Mint. I didn't do anything exciting, just my usual warmup "Abacab" and the Steely Dan tune "Do It Again" that Mike and I performed in our classic rock workshop around this time last year. There was a film crew from LA doing a documentary for some reason, so maybe a bit of my performance will be in it, who knows. The Mint moved the screen with the lyrics to the ceiling, so it's a good thing I had both of these songs well-memorized or else I would have strained my neck...
Tags: photography, singing

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