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Friday: boyziggy and I went to the annual Mime Troupe holiday party. I was a bit grouchy there after getting into a slight argument about vegetarianism and protein, but cheered up when one of the actors, Victor, showed me that he had made some of my photos into slideshows. Then Troupe veteran Ed Holmes showed his trademark candid films of the mimes, running five projectors simultaneously.

Afterward we went to mike20's birthday party (to celebrate everyone's birthday, as he put it). Met some nice people including a very attractive female couple who brought as gifts plastic handcuffs and whipped cream. (Both were used eventually, but it wasn't "that kind of party" ;-) ) Later, Mike got out a guitar and we sang a bit, unfortunately after Mike F had already left and boyziggy was getting really tired. We left around 1:30 and some people were still on their way over.

Saturday: Woke up with a terrible sore throat. I kept hoping that it would go away, but it didn't. I was very disappointed because I was going to attend a party that Ziggy and I had looked forward to for months. But I didn't want to infect everyone. I did keep my lunch date with jeremyrandall which was pleasantly low-key; we went to the Nook café down the street from my apt., walked around admiring the city for a bit, and came over to my place for awhile. Ziggy went to the party while I played Nethack, watched Monk and passed out on the couch. He came home with about a dozen treatments for my sore throat and other helpful things as he was leaving town the following morning for awhile.

Sunday: Ziggy left early for the airport, en route to Aspen, with later stops planned for Vermont and DC. I slept in and upon awakening my sore throat was gone, but I was very tired and congested. (This is the usual course of my colds. At least the multiple throat remedies will be available for the next time I need them.) So I'm missing yet another party, a holiday fest thrown by Frank and Patrick. Plus, my 750GB external disk I'm using for saizai's conference video started acting up and now won't mount - sigh. I know there are various ways I can try to fix it but I just don't have the energy right now; hopefully tomorrow...

Meanwhile Ziggy phoned and said he forgot several things, including a book/CD birthday gift I bought him specifically for his trip (America from the Air, with photos and descriptions of what you see on various flight routes - I read about it in Wired) and asked if I could FedEx them tomorrow. I replied I would not be at the office tomorrow as we have a retreat, then not two minutes later I got a phone call from a co-worker saying the retreat has been canceled due to the PR mess we have to deal with as a result of the Dean of the School of Medicine being fired. So I don't have to get up early to go to Mission Bay, but I don't get most of the afternoon off like I'd hoped either. Sigh.

I've spent most of today playing Nethack, finally having a ridiculously good game going after a long string of losses. But my hands are getting tired from typing, and I think I'll go watch more Monk now. I'll be glad when I'm healthy again...

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