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Friday night: Quality time with my ailing external hard disk, to continue throughout the weekend. I've recovered about 100GB of data so far out of the nearly 500GB on there, to the new disk I bought Wednesday. I'll plug it in, see if it mounts, if it does race to grab a file or two before it freezes up again. Then I disconnect, give it a rest for awhile and try again. I even tried cooling it off in the frig, which at first seemed to work but now I think that was just a coincidence. Not quite ready to give up on it yet but at least if I have to I have the main video project file I was working on, and can re-import the tapes. The other data is mostly backups of files from other disks.

Saturday: Went to karaoke with gerardp. Mike was already there with a large group doing blocks of songs by various artists. I was feeling cranky (from computer problems, lingering congestion, and work stress) and didn't join in, singing my own choices (all sung there before): CCR's "Have You Ever Seen the Rain" (matched my mood), Beatles "Day in the Life" (my favorite), and "Leader of the Band" as a tribute to the recently departed Dan Fogelberg. Then Gerard and I went to a party at the Center for Sex and Culture, where we chatted with local bi heroines Carol Queen and Maggi Rubinstein, among others. Finally we watched Shortbus at my place since Gerard hadn't seen it yet.

Sunday: Planned to do housecleaning and other useful things but mostly played Nethack. Continuing attempts to resurrect hard disk plus worries about work and health are getting me down. I'll be glad when boyziggy's home tomorrow. He got a copy of Michael Moore's Sicko for donating to KPFA so I'm watching that now; it's not exactly putting me in a better mood, but I'm out of Monk episodes...
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