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Health and money

Well I'm glad I finally did watch Sicko, though it made me ashamed to be an American - again. I'm sure Moore has committed some sins of omission, though I haven't researched beyond reading the Wikipedia entry yet. Regardless, one would have to be living under a rock to not realize we're in a serious health care crisis in this country, and it's good that Moore has shone a spotlight on it. I realize that even though I've been lucky to be employed and fully insured for my entire adult life, that's no guarantee the system won't find a way to screw me down the line.

Ultimately, I don't think universal health care can happen in this country, at least not without an actual revolution or fundamental change in our economic structure and way of life. And believe me I'd be all for it, though I'm not supporting any change that involves violence. My pacifism and political opinions are well-known to my friends so I won't rehash them here. Just don't talk to me about your Democratic Party phone banking come election-time - please.

This crassly commercial time of year doesn't help my attitude. Why are we so obsessed with making more gadgets anyway. Why does quality of life for many people equal how many shiny toys we can afford. Why is shopping seen as patriotic act to help the economy. It's just so fucked up, sometimes I can't stand it.

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