Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Battle of Zigs III

The forces that gathered to defeat brave warrior boyziggy in 2005 and 2006 suffered mighty defeat. The Zigs lived, and prospered. Clearly greater numbers were necessary to crush this foe once and for all. And thus in the closing days of 2007, the troops advanced through the relentless rain, converging on the Fairfield battleground for the Third Battle of Zigs.

The troops smiled gleefully as they plotted the demise of Zigs.

Battle of Zigs III

Mercilessly they taunted the brave warrior.

Battle of Zigs III

Battle of Zigs III

Surrounding every corner of the dark arena, no hiding place was safe for the Zigs.

Battle of Zigs III

But lo! The tricky Zigs escaped doom once again, though not unscathed! Brave companion funcrunch smiled while secretly plotting his future demise.

Battle of Zigs III

The warriors recovered from battle with traditional wartime victuals such as peach-and-onion milkshakes.

Battle of Zigs III

And yet again taunted the Zigs, mocking the size of his weaponry.

Battle of Zigs III

Will Zigs live to see his next birthday? Stay tuned for Battle of Zigs IV, coming next December!

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