Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Coming home, eventually

Currently sitting at Las Vegas airport with boyziggy. As expected, my flight to SFO is delayed. Ziggy is actually not coming home with me, but flying a redeye to D.C. for a laser tag tournament. His gate is just down the hall so we get to spend some quality time together waiting while Virgin America tries to repair its broken computers and figures out when they can get me home. (At least the airplane has just now pulled into the gate, yay.) Not looking forward to braving a potentially turbulent landing without Ziggy at my side. :-(

I'll blog more tomorrow about the rest of our Vegas and Red Rock Canyon trip, and have lots more photos to process and upload too. I've been twittering fairly frequently on this trip in lieu of blogging since I've been ill and it's just been easier to do.

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