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Vegas and Red Rock Canyon trip continued

More photos for the impatient: Vegas and Red Rock Canyon

On Thursday I awoke feeling somewhat better, so we ventured outside the resort. I'd printed a number of geocaches but only had the energy to do one, an easy virtual featuring a sculpture of Siegfried and Roy. We had a quick lunch then took the monorail to the Star Trek Experience at the Hilton. The Klingon Encounter was fun though very dizzying; boyziggy had done it before and understated the amount of motion in the motion simulator. Some very cool effects though. We both enjoyed tasty drinks at Quark's Bar and Restaurant, then gambled in the casino for awhile (I came out slightly ahead for a change). Finally we experienced Borg 4D, which was also very fun and didn't give me vertigo.

We went back to the hotel to rest for a bit, then had a so-so dinner at an Asian restaurant in the casino. Then we walked over to the Wynn to see Le Reve, a fantastic acrobatic water review which our friend Amos from the Mime Troupe was in. The visuals and stunts were literally breathtaking. We had a drink with Amos and his friends afterward, and enjoyed hearing about his experiences with the show, which he's been in just about a year, and Vegas in general.

Friday we had a so-so breakfast at another restaurant in the Venetian (this now being a trend, we must plan our meals more carefully next time), then packed, left some of our bags at the hotel, and drove to Red Rock Canyon, stopping on the way for excellent veggie sandwiches at Capriotti's. Red Rock was beautiful but I was too tired to do much hiking, and then it started to rain. We did enjoy the views along the 13-mile scenic drive. Thanks to Amos for the tip on this, as we were originally planning a trip to Mount Zion in Utah which would have taken much longer. We drove back to the hotel, and Ziggy visited the spa while I took in the Guggenheim exhibit which he'd already seen and encouraged me to visit, as it contained the Van Gogh painting, Mountains at Saint-Remy, which has been my Mac desktop background for years. I'm not normally much into fine art, but I enjoyed seeing the actual work close-up, with the texture of each brushstroke clearly visible. I then gambled a bit more, quickly erasing the previous day's winnings, but ending up only $126 in the hole for the entire trip. I played only the Wild Cherry slot machine, though a couple of variations on it. Maybe next time I'll be more adventurous...

We went to the airport, where I found Virgin America's computers were down, but they said my flight was on time and in fact were going to put me on a slightly earlier flight. But since their computers were down, they had to write me a ticket by hand, which caused me to be selected for extra security screening. I got to experience the "sniffer" machine, which puffed air at me. Then when we arrived at the gate, we found the flight was delayed after all, as I was expecting given the weather conditions in SF. An angry man yelled at the staff saying how there had been no announcements about the delay, then asked all of us in the waiting area if we had heard any such announcements, to which we replied "yes", probably to his dismay. But eventually we did take off, Ziggy going separately to await his redeye flight to D.C. I listened to Miles Davis and watched CNN on the flight back, but mostly kept my eyes glued to the map, wanting to get home as soon as possible. There was some turbulence just before we entered the Bay Area proper, but it wasn't as bad as I expected. By the time I got my luggage it was just before midnight, so I got a cab rather than taking BART which I would have preferred. The cab ride was about $40 as Ziggy predicted. My landlord had changed the lock on our main apartment door while we were away, but fortunately the new key was in the mailbox as she promised, so I got home safe and sound.
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