Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Weekend, such as it was

I had a spectacularly unproductive weekend. My excuse is that I'm still getting over the cold I caught on New Year's Eve Day. I don't think I've ever played so much Nethack. Or fallen asleep in front of a *football game* (yuck!) because I couldn't get any other channels to come in on the TV. At least the Super Bowl has good commercials; this wildcard playoff or whatever it was was just a waste of time, other than my hometown Pittsburgh Steelers being in it. I guess I just got spoiled by the multiple TV sets in our suite in Vegas and even on the airplane going there and back. ;-)

I did spend a couple of hours on the phone with friends today, very unusual for me. A good chunk of it being a political discussion with Steve; I usually avoid talking politics, but it felt good to exercise my brain, and the conversation spun off into many other interesting things, as always when we chat.

I'm very excited that I get to take another Blue Bear workshop with Steve starting in a couple of weeks; I finally have the five needed to form a band with all people I know can play well and won't miss weeks of class or have major attitude problems (all features of certain people in many of my previous workshops). The lineup will be me on vocals, boyziggy on keyboard (the first time we'll have performed together!), Mike F on bass and/or guitar, and his friends Rex on guitar and/or bass and Mike A. on drums. (The three of them were in a workshop together before, and I've been in two workshops with Mike). Mike F and Rex will sing also, and Steve will play guitar and sing with us as well. I'm relieved this has finally come together, and looking forward to singing again, as I've gotten rusty since I quit voice lessons and have been ill a lot this season. The show will probably be sometime between March 31 and April 3.

Now, I must get some sleep before going back to work tomorrow. After two weeks off, I don't wanna!!!! :-(
Tags: singing

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