Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Birthday weekend

This Sunday, Feb 3, I turned 38, making me indisputably in my "late-30s", though I certainly don't feel or act that age in many ways...

Saturday afternoon was my usual Blue Bear rehearsal with boyziggy, Steve, Mike and his friends. We learned two new songs, Ivy's "Edge of the Ocean" which was Ziggy's pick, and Audioslave's "Doesn't Remind Me" which was drummer Mike A's pick. I enjoyed singing both, though we badly need to work more on vocal harmonies. Ziggy brought in his rack-mount synth which has more options and is programmable for performances, which is cool.

Oh, and thanks to mikz's suggestion, our band is named... funcrunch! The other guys seemed determined to name it after me, and were coming up with things like "Julie and the Journeymen" and the "Bernstein Bears" (ugh). This choice seemed the better alternative. We perform Monday, March 31, 9:30 p.m. at Café du Nord; save the date, more details to come.

Saturday night Ziggy, gerardp and I went to zahraa's birthday party. Much fun and many snuggles were had, though I avoided the hot tub this time due to the rain. I'll try to get some photos uploaded to Flickr tonight, probably friends-only but I'll post a guest pass link to my friendslist here.

Sunday I had my own birthday party at Gerard's house. I wanted a smaller-sized gathering for concerns of space and it not being my house, so didn't invite everyone I knew. But it was great to have the company of close friends and partners. I way overdid shopping, having not hosted a party in many years, but the food and the Maggie Mudd's ice-cream cake seemed to go over well. Again much fun and many snuggles, and photos should be up tonight. lrc has some up now, though they're mostly of me and mike20, or at least his right arm... (I was looking up lyrics on my Treo to sing along with his guitar playing)

Regrettably, I had to pass up the chance to photograph a concert for a friend of Mike's, which started at 9:30; I knew that even if everyone left at the suggested end time of 8, with cleanup and recovery time I wouldn't make it. We did try to kick people out close to 9 though. zabster recommended that if we wanted people to leave, we put on some Barry Manilow. Ziggy found the one Manilow album on my iPod (*hides head in shame*) and started up "Copacabana". Rather than leaving, people started dancing! Including Zab! Who then said I must have really boring, really white friends if the first song they started getting up and dancing to was by Barry Manilow! Of course, I told her, that's going in the blog...

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