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I've found I'm really enjoying the McDougall soup cups. I tried them first many years ago and while some were tasty I didn't feel they were satisfying enough for a full meal. (Though I did binge on the rice pudding, which they no longer seem to carry - sigh.) Now that they have bigger sizes and have the flavorings in a separate foil pouch, they're more filling and taste better, and I can just have that and maybe a piece of fruit, handful of pretzels later, and be good for the afternoon.

I'm still resisting going on "a diet", and mostly eating these for lunch because they are convenient. The fact that they are very lowfat and vegan is a definite plus though.

I haven't been walking to work because I've been too lazy to get up early enough, but I've been walking home nearly every day. Leaving at the same time as Mike most days helps as I then have good company for part of the time. Plus he walks so fast that I feel I'm getting somewhat of a workout even though that part of my walk home is downhill and then relatively flat.

It occurs to me that my favorite exercise is walking, while boyziggy's are skiing and playing laser tag. Walking is easy to do anywhere but low-intensity. Skiing and lasertag are high-intensity but not easy to do on a daily basis where we live. So we both pack some extra pounds unless we make an extra effort to eat healthily too. Which we should do anyway, of course.
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