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- I am spending another weekend semi-hermitting. Need to work on conlang video, my new photography web site, and work-related things. Have Monday off work for the holiday, and I do need it.

- Have one definite and two potential concert photo shoots coming up in the next two weeks.

- Have finished setting up my new Mac Pro. It is fast and quiet and nice. Folders in the Finder open almost instantaneously. Finally can play The Sims without insane lag. Added a terabyte drive just for backups. Time Machine is easy and sweet.

- Going to spend some time with Steve Sunday evening arranging a Dire Straits medley (Money for Nothing/Walk of Life) for Funcrunch-the-band workshop. Rehearsal today was inefficient without full charts for the songs, and lacking Mike's bass playing expertise.

- Am feeling down, but not out. Pondering which direction my life will take next. Glad and fortunate to have the choices that I do.

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