Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Further adventures in the photo business planning

I spent several hours yesterday reading Dan Heller's photography business web site and blog, which succeeded in thoroughly depressing me about the likelihood of ever making an actual living in that career. Basically, as I've read and been told elsewhere, talent in photography has very little to with success in that field; it's business sense that's needed. However, Dan's advice did result in two rather immediate changes:

1. I'm not using Creative Commons on Flickr for any future uploads, after reading Dan's blog entry and follow-up about issues with CC and photography. (I had already changed my most recent concert photos to a copyright license before reading this.) Dan's most recent entry, on the future of Flickr and Yahoo, is also worthwhile reading.

2. I decided to register and have it forward to was already taken, ironically by another photographer, although the site is "under construction", and further ironically she apparently lives in Evanston, where I lived for four years while attending Northwestern. In any case, while I see a lot of photography web sites have URLs like, I didn't want something like that, as my name just by itself is hard enough to remember and spell as it is. The .net version will do for now.
Tags: photography

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