Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Funcrunch concert March 31, plus bonus pics

Please join me, boyziggy, Mike Fortes, Steve Kirk, Rex Pembroke, and Mike Avery at Café du Nord on Monday, March 31 to see our band, Funcrunch, perform in the Blue Bear School of Music showcase. We have an awesome selection of rock songs spanning many decades from such great bands as Led Zeppelin, Audioslave, Yes, and even our own guitarist/composer Rexy Rockstar. This band is a custom workshop (not on the Blue Bear class schedule) hand-picked by me, but I am not the (only) star; we have no fewer than four singers in our group, and several will be taking leads on songs. Steve is our wonderful teacher and will be playing and singing right along with us.

Our 40-minute set begins at 9:30 and we're told all bands will be starting on time this year (really!), so you should be out of the club before bedtime. But if you'd like to hang around, there are four workshops that night, plus additional performers on a second stage in between acts. Café du Nord is a classy joint and getting four nights of shows there is a great boon to Blue Bear, so I encourage you to come support our nonprofit school and enjoy the evening. You can purchase tickets in advance, $10-$20 sliding scale, or buy them at the door. The club is located at 2170 Market Street in San Francisco, and is easy to get to by public transit (Church St. Station or F-line streetcar).

We were given some publicity materials for the show, but I don't like our photo much - you can see it in the above ticket link or on the official flyer, but I much prefer the alternate pic that mike20 came up with. ;-) And here are some other pix of our band members:

Ziggy at the grand

Ziggy playing an interesting grand piano, at the Museum of Making Music in San Diego

Ziggy playing a not-so-grand piano, at our wedding reception at the Mime Troupe HQ


Rex, Mike A. and Mike F posing before their Sept '06 Blue Bear contemporary bands workshop at the Rockit Room (Rex is on the far left, Mike F in front with Mike A behind him)


Mike F in one of his costumes from that show (though he'll be playing bass instead of guitar this time; costuming TBD)


Another shot from that show

Blue Bear Rock & Blues

Steve from one of his band workshops, at the Red Devil Lounge

Steve Kirk and Julie

Steve and I after our R&B band workshop at the Red Devil

Look forward to seeing you all on the 31st!
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