Pax (funcrunch) wrote,


Friday night: Extra rehearsal with Funcrunch-the-band at Lennon Studios. We got through the whole set finally - w00t! Going to be a good show guys; hope you can make it.

Saturday day: Regular Funcrunch rehearsal at Fort Mason. Didn't quite get through the whole set this time, but got some important detail work done. Got frustrated with difficulties in pitch and vibrato; need to do a lot more vocal exercises and singing outside of class for sure. I don't think I want to go back to taking voice lessons any time soon though, for various reasons, though I might use my outstanding credit for bass lessons instead (see below).

Saturday night: Went to Very Fun Party.

Sunday day: Slept in, changed clocks, headed to The Mint for karaoke with Mike F. More enjoyable than I expected given the sleep deprivation; soaking in the sunshine on the way over must have helped. I asked the bartender for "something tropical, but without vodka" in place of my usual fuzzy navel, and ended up with a vodka-free Sex on the Beach; very tasty. I sang Elton John's "Border Song" which is easy and fun for me, and Fleetwood Mac's "Don't Stop" which I'd never attempted before but have always enjoyed hearing. Also had a nice chat and couple of hugs with Sinatra-crooning-regular Brendan; I think he was impressed that I got his "Are You Being Served?" references.

Sunday night: Made a very tasty dinner with seasoned lentils, tempeh bacon, romaine hearts, and balsamic vinegar. boyziggy helped get my new mixer and virtual bass amp set up, toys we got (among others) from Musician's Friend when they sent us a big discount coupon. I've had an electric bass for over 20 years now, on permanent loan from my cousin, and am thinking of taking lessons with Steve so I can finally learn to play the damn thing.
Tags: singing

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