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I've spent most of the week fighting off a cold. Started with the usual sore throat, except so painful the second morning that I was scrambling for anesthetic spray. Fortunately things resolved to the usual congestion and sniffles soon after. Tonight's the first time since Monday I've had my energy levels and sense of well-being mostly restored.

I didn't want to take off any days from work this week because Wednesday was when I could finally announce publicly that I'm leaving Public Affairs to start a new job at the UCSF Library. The reaction was mixed, and different than I expected in some cases. But I felt good that several co-workers came to me, whether in congratulations or shock, immediately after the announcement went out. Things have been tough in my office for the past year, and I hope they improve for those I'm leaving behind. I start my new position April 7.

Saturday was our usual Funcrunch-the-band workshop. We got through the whole set and then some. I was pleased with how well I did considering I still felt pretty sick, but I didn't want to miss one of the last three rehearsals before the show.

Today I saw boyziggy off on a ski trip, then did some cooking as I was finally feeling well enough to do so. I made a tasty sauteed tofu and peas dish which had more fat than I'd normally like, but kept the serving size reasonably small and accompanied it with spinach. Then I made a big pot of brown rice and had a veggie stir-fry (without oil) for dinner, and made a simple rice pudding for dessert. I also baked a couple of yams, one of which I will have for breakfast tomorrow. More cooking than I've done in months.

This healthy food is really helping me avoid temptations, like the donuts at rehearsal yesterday or the Girl Scout cookies in the office all week. I still have some cravings but am finding them easier to ignore. I'm down another pound, to 147; staying with slow-but-safe pound-a-week weight loss. I still shake my head when I watch contestants on The Biggest Loser beat themselves up over losing fewer than five pounds in a single week.

I'm thinking once I start the new job I might take up jogging again, since I'll be right up the hill from Golden Gate Park; if I jog after work, I could go home right afterward and not have to worry about finding a place to shower. (I really don't want to join the gym.) Morning workouts would be better for my metabolism, but my commute will be increasing by a good 20 minutes each way as it is, so I need to be realistic about how early I really want to get up in the morning. In any case, I'll still get about 40 minutes of walking in going to Powell and Market morning and evening, but it will be mostly downhill in the morning, and I have the feeling I won't always want to tackle the hill in the evening if the cable car's not too crowded, so it would be good to have an alternate exercise planned. It should be easier to jog at 145 pounds and below than it was when I last seriously attempted it at about 160.
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