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Not a week on Orkut and I've already found a very useful tip on the GarageBand forum: how to import prerecorded MIDI into the app, a feat I had previously thought not possible.

  1. Downloaded the free basic MIDI player Mighty MIDI

  2. Opened Audio MIDI Setup (in Applications:Utilities) and set IAC Driver to "Device is online"

  3. Set Playback device in Mighty MIDI to IAC Bus 1

  4. Opened a previously recorded MIDI file in Mighty MIDI

  5. Opened Mighty MIDI track list and deselected all but one track

  6. Started a new song in GarageBand and hit Record

  7. Switched to Mighty MIDI and hit Play

  8. Created new tracks in GarageBand and repeated record/play sequence, selecting a different track each time in Mighty MIDI

This technique will make it a lot easier to get my existing songs into GarageBand. Before, I had to open them in a notation program, carefully position the windows so that I could see both that program and GarageBand, and play the song to a metronome beat on my attached MIDI keyboard, one track at a time. I still don't think I can export MIDI, but importing it is a great help.

Now, if I could just figure out why my audio out vanishes nearly every time my Mac goes to sleep, I'd be a happy camper.

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