Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Further adventures in commuting

This morning I arrived at the Powell St. station around 8:15 or so. I began to hear barely audible announcements about a system delay. Eventually the announcements became louder and I heard that all trains in both directions were running slowly due to some switching problem at Embarcadero. I sighed, figuring I'd better get used to these delays, and used the waiting time to bookmark various NextMUNI routes in my Treo.

This afternoon around 5:30 I checked the NextMUNI site from my desk. Two N-Judah trains were scheduled to arrive in 6 and 7 minutes respectively, and the next not for another 40. If I left immediately I might have just enough time. I raced out of the World's Slowest Elevator just in time to see the first train departing. No worries, there was another only a couple of blocks behind, just as the site had promised. However, as it approached I saw the sign: "Sorry, No Passengers."

Sighing again, I pulled up NextMUNI on my Treo. Next train: 39 minutes. That can't be right. I refreshed a couple of times. Next train: 17 minutes. I peered into the distance, looked at the time - 5:39 - thought "fuck it" and began walking home. Just to see how long it would take. And to work off some of the cheese, guacamole, and chocolate I'd indulged in earlier.

I started following the N-Judah route, walking along Carl St. in case the train did come earlier and catch up to me. Phoned a friend who lived in the neighborhood as I realized he probably hadn't heard about my job switch yet. He wasn't home, but gave the good advice to walk down to Haight St. when I suddenly realized that I couldn't follow the MUNI route anymore once it went underground. Enjoyed walking through Haight-Ashbury, though slowed by numerous hippies/smokers/panhandlers, avoided all food and shopping temptations. Walked past some lovely colorful houses I'd previously photographed, and Buena Vista Park. Eventually hit Divisadero, familiar territory as my hair salon and favorite restaurant are there. Also a couple of friends live in the area, one of whom I phoned but he didn't answer so I kept going.

Hit California St., turned again. Now I was on the route I walked along with Mike nearly every day after work for the last few months. Crossed the street but couldn't stop looking back and thinking about that. Have to focus on the positive.

Arrived home, one hour and thirty-four minutes after I left Irving St. and Arguello Blvd. According to Gmaps Pedometer, 4.4 miles (and 490 calories burned :-P ). Could have shaved off some time by going a more efficient route and walking faster. Regardless, not a workable alternative for daily commute, even in good weather. Ah well.
Tags: fitness, work

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