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Weekend - the funcrunch files

Apr. 21st, 2008 12:10 am Weekend

Short version, because it's past my bedtime.

Saturday: Played Nethack. Got the edited audio for Funcrunch-the-band concert, and started lining it up with the video. Went to an awesome Moroccan restaurant with boyziggy, his brother Bill, and Bill's girlfriend. Delicious courses, belly dancing, the works. Drove over the Golden Gate Bridge and down Lombard Street after to give her a bit of a city tour.

Sunday: Finished Nethack game, my first "wishless" ascension. Spent a lot of time on the phone, including another one of those awkward but necessary conversations which I shan't say more about right now. Continued working on Funcrunch video. Met up with mike20 and Mike F. for yummy Thai dinner and then concert at Café du Nord: Mike F's friend Chris Robley playing with Norfolk and Western. Good show; also enjoyed the first band, Weinland. I opted not to bring my camera; another photographer was there being mildly obnoxious with his extra-bright external flash, so just as well.


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