Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Last couple of days

On Friday my department had an all-day team-building activity at the community center on the Mission Bay campus. Normally I dread this kind of thing, but it was actually kind of fun, and helped me get to know my new co-workers better. We were on the roof of the building with sweeping views of the city, on a very sunny day. In the morning we did a lot of different activities emphasizing teamwork. One of the weirdest was pairing up to navigate blindfolded through an imaginary swamp filled with plastic lizards. The afternoon was devoted to rock-climbing. As this activity was optional (actually they all were, technically) I chose not to climb, though I did help belay.

Our director asked me to bring my camera so of course I took some photos. I shot in manual but left the camera in auto ISO, which was a mistake as it ended up choosing ISO 400 for everything; 100 would have probably been more appropriate for the outdoor shots. There's another good photographer in the office, so I look forward to seeing his photos as well. Afterward I hung out for a bit with a co-worker as we were both riding the T line back downtown together. It's good that I'm starting to make new friends here.

Friday night I met up with mike20 and his friend Brian to see a very silly but funny movie at the Metreon. We hung out afterward, enjoying some drinks and live music at the Gold Dust Lounge, then chatting on a bench in Union Square until a cop came by and told us the square was closed from midnight to 6 a.m. I walked home up Powell Street around 1:30 a.m., feeling happy and lucky to live in San Francisco.

Saturday I met up with Steve at Fort Mason and he took me to Gary Brawer's to drop off my bass for repair. They said the fret job will cost $400 ($475 if they end up needing to replace the nut too) and take 3-4 weeks. We then navigated through terrible traffic to one of my favorite restaurants, Chai-Yo, for some good Thai food and conversation.

Later in the afternoon I had a long talk with a friend about some things that have been bothering me. Even though the specific issues weren't fully resolved, it was good to get them out on the table. I've been down for a few days but am trying to address the problems at the source rather than just feeling sorry for myself.
Tags: photography, work

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