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boyziggy and I visited LA and San Diego over President's Day weekend to visit my friend Amy and my grandmother.

Amy is my sole remaining friend from college (Northwestern U.) She visited us in SF just a couple of weeks ago, so this was sort of an SF-LA exchange program. While I'm not fond of LA traffic and sprawl, Ziggy and I were very happy to find what must be the Best Vegetarian Restaurant On Earth, Native Foods, within walking distance of Amy's Westwood apartment. We ate there three times in three days. One hundred percent vegan and one hundred percent yummy and we really need them to open a branch here in SF.

On Saturday afternoon we went to Avis to pick up our rental car to drive down to San Diego. Despite Ziggy having carefully explained to them on the phone that he had only a temporary license as his license had expired, and despite them saying that this was OK, and despite him showing the temporary license directly to the lady who had said over the phone that this was OK, the asswipes denied us the rental. Ziggy spoke with the manager, thanked him for ruining our Valentine's Day, and we stormed out of the place.

Fortunately, we were able to get a last minute rental from Rent-a-Wreck, albeit at twice the cost. And it wasn't even a wreck - it was a perfectly good Ford Escort. Still, after the stress of driving in LA traffic, and considering that we ended up using the car only to get to my grandmother's and back, Ziggy thinks we should just take Amtrak next time.

Once at my grandmother's (a couple of hours later than planned), we had a nice dinner. I was touched that she made a special effort to find vegetarian things for us, as she's not used to cooking since my grandfather passed away last summer, and the workers at the supermarkets were she usually shops are currently on strike. She even bought veggie chicken nuggets, which we love although this brand had egg whites so we normally wouldn't eat them at home.

Over dinner my grandmother pointed out that we had scheduled our wedding day on Yom Kippur. Shit! I did not do this intentionally. It will only affect a handful of the guests, but I still feel terrible about it. The holiday does end at sunset, which is right about when we hope to be taking our vows. Well, hopefully anyone who can't attend the ceremony and is not too tired from fasting can at least join us at the party afterwards.

The next day we went sailing. My grandmother's friend's husband owned the boat, a nice 45-footer or so that he used to live on full-time. We had about 12 people total and lots of munchies. (Mmmmm... wasabi-covered peanuts) I was so proud of Ziggy, who volunteered right away to help sail even though he'd never been on a boat of this size. It was fun and I didn't get seasick at all (of course we didn't leave the harbor, but I've gone whale-watching in the open ocean without taking Dramamine or whatever too). I did feel dorky wearing a life vest the entire time, but I was nervous not to as I don't know how to swim. Maybe it's time that I finally learned.

We headed back to LA Sunday night, too late to do anything but hang out and watch TV. We watched a lot of TV on this vacation, as we still hardly get any local reception at home, and neither Amy (who is 4 1/2 months pregnant) nor my grandmother (pushing 80) were up for a lot of physical activity. My favorite shows, Law and Order and the Special Victims Unit spin-off, seemed to be on around the clock this weekend. Plus we caught half of the movie Contact which we both loved, and I caught a few scenes from My Fair Lady, which had me singing at the top of my lungs to the puzzled looks of both Ziggy and my grandmother.

On Monday we went to Venice Beach. I'd been there a few years before but Ziggy hadn't, and he loved it as I predicted. We didn't have a lot of time to spend there, which was good as Ziggy was afraid he would have spent a huge amount of money if we had. He did acquire a pair of sunglasses, a pretty green broomstick skirt for only $5, and a hemp wallet.

Back in SF on Tuesday, we celebrated a deferred Valentine's Day brunch at Herbivore. On the way home we stopped by City Hall hoping to cheer on couples waiting in line to be married, but the huge lines from the weekend had disappeared (though all the news trucks remained). I was disappointed, but at least we got to follow the excitement remotely thanks to Ziggy's laptop and Wi-Fi card.

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