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Photo shoot at Paramount Theatre and Lake Merritt - the funcrunch files — LiveJournal

May. 4th, 2008 09:19 am Photo shoot at Paramount Theatre and Lake Merritt

Photo link for the impatient

zahraa said she'd always wanted to go on a tour of the Paramount Theatre in Oakland. She, zyxwvut and I went yesterday morning. Though I'd been before for movie classics (which are great fun and I hope are revived soon), the tour gave me an appreciation of how beautiful the historic theater really is. I highly recommend the experience, especially for photo buffs as cameras are allowed.

I didn't feel like switching lenses and needed a wide angle for many shots, so stuck to my 17-55. At first I used aperture priority but soon switched to manual, at ISO 800. I decided since my subjects weren't moving (except for the few shots that included the tour group) I could try using slower shutter speeds that would allow greater depth of field. I didn't bring a tripod, but through a combination of holding my breath, bracing myself against things, and lying on the floor in a few cases I managed to get some decent shots, even at f/8. The image stabilization on my lens really helped.

We had lunch at New World Vegetarian. I love a place where I can get a Vietnamese appetizer, Chinese beverage, and Mexican main dish and dessert, all vegan. I'm trying to cut back on animal products again as I've been eating way too much chocolate and cheese at work. It helps that our Drupal consultant is vegan, so I feel like I want to be dairy-free in solidarity when he's in the office.

Then I walked over to Lake Merritt to take some more photos, this time with my 50-150. I was tired and didn't get many good shots, but you can see some birds here.

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