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One way to keep your students' attention

I'm hardly a prude, but this just seems way wrong.

I was reading the SF Weekly on the bus this morning when a half-page ad for The Learning Annex caught my eye. Featured was a photo of two women kissing and the headline "How to Shoot Your Own Live Adult Video". Yes, for only $69.99 ($30 off the regular price!) you can learn the technical aspects of adult filmmaking, while watching real live nude girls have simulated sex. Eighteen and over only, please.

I might be crazy, but up until now I thought The Learning Annex was primarily geared towards retirees, housewives, or people with too much time on their hands who wanted to learn about things like flower arranging or personal finance. In fact, the very same SF Weekly ad features classes on "Transforming Debt into Wealth" and "Using P.R. to Market Your Business". Right there under the "how to shoot porn" course description.

Hell, for $70 I think they'll get people coming just to see the "nudity and simulated sex performances in class" as promised in the ad. It reminds me of a Saturday Night Live sketch from a number of years back (when the show was still - barely - worth watching) featuring Chris Elliott (ugh) and Janeane Garofalo as sex instructors having intercourse in front of a classroom. Chris Farley and another loser whose name I forget were drooling and taking pictures. Elliott chided them for disturbing the other classmates and not paying attention to the "lesson".

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