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Friday I woke up still ill from a cold that I had started feeling the symptoms of Thursday afternoon. I called in sick to work and rested aggressively, hoping that I still might be able to make the Blue Bear Live benefit which I'd been looking forward to for months, especially since I volunteered to take photos (although they had already hired another photographer, I was welcome to contribute my talent as well). Come evening I still felt like crap, but I swallowed some DayQuil and hiked down to the Great American Music Hall with my camera gear.

What an amazing concert. So many diverse sets; the kids' bands which were varied in talent but some quite good or at least fun to watch, the headliner Elvin Bishop playing a mean blues guitar, Tommy Castro with great guitar and vocals as well, Vicki Randle from the Tonight Show singing beautifully with Blue Bear's own award-winning songwriter Bonnie Hayes, lots of other talented singers and instrumentalists, and to close the night a big jam with current and former Blue Bear faculty and staff including my teachers Steve Kirk, Jim Peterson, and Bill Spooner. I was there from 7:30 p.m. till 1 a.m. and was ready to fall over by the end, but was so glad I went.

I almost completely filled up both of my CF cards - over 720 photos in all. I had to actually force myself to slow down when I had fewer than 100 exposures left on my second card. I guess I'll have to upgrade to 16GB cards soon; I have an 8GB and a 4GB now. Fortunately I'd just installed another hard disk so I have the space to put the photos on my computer, though my backup disk is now full (1TB!) so that will need to be upgraded as well.

Anyway, I think I got some really great shots, in fact nearly 200 worth posting, which I hope to finish processing by the end of today. I ended up using my 17-55mm f/2.8 for most of the night as there was enough light and I couldn't get the compositions I wanted with the 50/1.4. I was watching another photographer, presumably the one who was hired; he had a Canon 5D and an external flash. I still hate using flash. I might get one eventually (the built-in flash on my 40D is not suitable), but for now I'm content to underexpose a stop and/or use slower shutter speeds and know I'll have to toss a lot of blurred shots.

Saturday I again rested as much as possible so I could go to another event I'd been looking forward to, a certain long-running pool party that many of my friends have attended over the years but I've never gone to myself. I invited mike20 along (boyziggy was working as usual). We had a very nice time. Lots of warm water, good conversation, and fun snuggly people. I definitely plan to attend again.

As we were driving back Mike mentioned a robot party that was going on for another hour south of Market. I was feeling tired and congested but his description sounded intriguing enough that I agreed to go. It was pretty fun. Drink-serving robots, oh my. Mike certainly has interesting friends.

Today I'm going to rest, finish up those photos, and, if I have the energy, finish the Funcrunch-the-band DVD as well. Ziggy had wanted me to go see the closing of the The Little Prince opera that he's running sound for in Berkeley, but three days out in a row for several hours with my cold still not gone would just be too much I'm afraid.
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