Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Good week

It's been a pretty good week. After recovering from a weekend of shooting and processing photos while suffering from a cold, I went to bed early nearly every night, enjoying getting some much-needed rest for a change. Wednesday night I did stay up late though as I spent the evening with mike20, including a lovely hour or so sitting in Alamo Square Park in perfect weather while the sun set, decorating the sky with brilliant bands of blue, orange, and red, trees silhouetted blackly against the deep colors.

Thursday I managed to squeeze in at lunch: a classical concert - Beethoven's Appassionata piano sonata, performed by Fred Weldy; an LGBT meetup (next month might be karaoke! :-) ); and an Earth Fest environmental fair. I was also very happy to read the news of the California Supreme Court decision validating same-sex marriages, which was well-received at UCSF as well as by my numerous LJ, Twitter, and Facebook friends. After work I had dinner with my former boss Andy, who I hadn't seen in a good two years. Friday I went to a birthday lunch for two co-workers, and got to know some of my officemates a bit better.

Today I got a really good hairdo at Madusalon - sorry no pics yet. Ended up walking all the way there and back; the wind almost blew my curls out, but good exercise. Made a yummy peanut butter pasta dinner for boyziggy and myself. I'll probably go to bed early again tonight. Tomorrow evening I expect to have more good times, singing karaoke with friends at The Mint!

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