Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Musical Thursday

A musical three-fer today. At lunchtime I attended the weekly Chancellor's Concert Series at UCSF. This week was the Navarro Trio performing Schumann's Piano Trio #1 in D minor. I always appreciate the chance to hear free professional concerts at my workplace, but this particular piece didn't excite me too much. I even spent part of the time scribbling notes on the concert program regarding some PHP code I had been puzzling over shortly before leaving for the recital. (I did finally manage to get the damn function working, sometime after lunch.)

After work I headed to the Octavia Lounge to see a couple of fellow former Blue Bear students perform in a jazz band. But I needed to stop at the ATM first and the closest one for my bank was at Civic Center, so I left extra time and ended up a good 45 minutes early. As the Mint was only two blocks away I had prepared for this possibility, and zipped over there for a quick fuzzy navel and not-too-shabby performance of Stevie Wonder's "Living in the City", which I had practiced singing just last night.

Twenty minutes later I headed back to the Octavia. boyziggy and brian1789 joined me, and we had tasty drinks, good conversation, and yummy burgers (portobello for Ziggy and I) while listening to quite good jazz. Generosa played electric bass in my Blue Bear jazz workshop about three years ago, and has now graduated to an upright, and sounds fabulous. Richard, the sax player from the same workshop, was excellent as well, as were the funkily-dressed singer, the English-accented guitarist, and the rock-solid drummer. We stayed for two sets; there was a third, but we were getting tired and the place was getting quite crowded so we called it a night.

Encouraging to see so many Blue Bear alums getting real gigs! Everyone from this band, the "Bunbury Quintet", went to Blue Bear. I thought about bringing my camera but was glad I left it behind as I could enjoy the music and company more, and besides a friend of the band had brought along a Canon 1D ("Mark II", she pointed out, when I asked to confirm the model number), which blows mine away.
Tags: concert, singing

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