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Friday night: Was in a pretty bad state (heldover from the previous night). boyziggy used part of his long dinner break to scoop me up early from work and get us yummy dinners from Herbivore, which was very sweet. Had a couple of IM and phone conversations which helped somewhat, but was still pretty depressed all evening.

Saturday day: Still depressed, but kept my appointment to meet Steve at Blue Bear as he still had my bass strap and cord that I'd accidentally left in his truck. Gary Brawer's is theoretically almost finished with my bass refret now (after two months) so I wanted to have them back before I pick it up. Enjoyed chatting with Steve as always, and was happy to see that Blue Bear is using several of my photos in their latest catalog. Played Nethack, finishing an archeologist game I'd started over a month before.

Saturday night: Went to a housewarming in Berkeley, but was still feeling down so I excused myself after an hour. I was alone but didn't want to head back to SF immediately as it was still light out and good weather, so I walked around Berkeley for awhile. I walked down Shattuck to Rose, passing by many familiar places. Taking a side street on the return, I felt pangs of nostalgia for the brief time I lived in Berkeley, seeing the tree-lined streets with detached houses (with yards!) and traffic circles. I ended up at Au Coquelet, sipping a hot apple cider while browsing the web on my Treo. Feeling empty and lonely, I finally returned home.

Sunday: Still sad and could not bring myself to leave the apartment, but managed to get a couple of small things accomplished, including shredding a month's worth of junk mail and doing some work on my photo site. I know it doesn't look that great yet, but I really didn't like the big splash page image that was there before; I'll work incrementally to improve the design. I do suck at CSS, but I've got some Google Analytics and other fun stuff on the backend now. Played and lost many Nethack games, listened to lots of music. Had a valuable and heartfelt e-mail exchange with a good friend.
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