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Friday night: Went with the lovely saffroncisco to see The House Jacks at the Freight & Salvage in Berkeley. I'd seen them twice, while she never had, despite having gone to high school with founding member Deke Sharon. I didn't have my good camera with me this time, but I got a shot the two of them with my point-and-shoot. We had a great time. Afterward we had yummy sweet drinks at Spats and commiserated about our crazy lives.

The concert itself was excellent though a bit heavier on the humor than usual, due to a recent incident with Deke that the other boys wouldn't stop teasing him about. Though I missed Wes Carroll, whose last performance with the band was in March, the new drummer Jake Moulton was quite good - not better or worse, just different. I was amused by the fangirl in front of me in line who said "Oh, I didn't even bother doing my hair or makeup since I knew Wes wouldn't be here."

Saturday day: Gary Brawer finally finished refretting my bass, so I picked it up. I've scheduled weekly Saturday morning lessons with Steve Kirk to start in two weeks. Also, played and lost many games of Nethack.

Saturday night: Had a nice dinner at Ananda Fuara with mike20, canis_fortuna, and others. Went to Very Fun Party afterward. Was happy that boyziggy could join us late in the evening. Enjoyed the company of brian1789 and cyan_blue as well.

Sunday: Went to the closing of Juicey Lucy's in North Beach. Though this was one of Ziggy's favorite places, he had to work today, so I made sure to stop by and pick out a handmade juice bowl for him. Lisa, the owner, was very sweet and generous. I wish her much success in her ventures, as she will continue to serve her lovingly-prepared juices and food at other venues.

Also went to the North Beach Festival, as my jazz teacher/friend Jim Peterson alerted me that he'd be playing there with Mitch Woods & His Rocket 88's. Awesome set, really got the crowd moving. I took lots of photos, which I'm uploading now and hope to post soon.
Tags: concert, photography

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