Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Five years in San Francisco

This month marks five years since boyziggy and I moved to our Nob Hill apartment in San Francisco. I don't remember the exact date offhand, but it was a hot sunny day like this one. We'd stayed up all night packing in our sweltering apartment in Berkeley, and collapsed very soon after the movers finished here. I missed Berkeley very much for awhile, but grew to love the convenience of city life.

I'd said I wanted to find a place I'd feel comfortable staying in for five years; it seems we've reached that milestone. In fact this is the longest I've lived at any single address since high school. And we have no plans to move any time soon, though I certainly don't plan to retire here. Who knows what the future will bring.

My marriage to Ziggy would be the biggest highlight of those five years. In that time I have also developed skills in video editing and podcasting, started a new job, learned to take pretty good pictures, sung on stage a fair amount, made many new friends and some more-than-friends, visited new cities including New York, Vancouver, and Las Vegas, changed my hairstyle, gained and lost many pounds, among other things.

What will the next five years bring? We shall see...

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