Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Pride planning

I'm vaguely thinking about marching with the BABN contingent of the Pride Parade this year. I'm not 100% certain I'm up for it as I have not only never marched, but have never even managed to watch the parade properly, as by the time I slog my lazy ass down to Market Street the spectators are a dozen deep and all I can see are bits of the very tallest floats. So I've normally just gone to the festivities at Civic Center afterward, but that's been kind of a bummer the last couple of years as I've gone alone. (Yep, boyziggy is normally working on the weekends.)

So... anyone want to join me at the parade next Sunday? See Pepper's post for details. I'll be much more inclined to go if I know some friends will be there too.

I could also use costuming advice. Here's a shot from the one time Ziggy and I did manage to go to Pride together. I'll keep it small in case anyone might be offended by my cleavage. ;-) (Click through for full-size if you're not...)

Pride celebration

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