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Potential data input job opportunity - the funcrunch files

Jun. 26th, 2008 12:19 pm Potential data input job opportunity

cat_herder posted an article about outsourcing errands to India, which I at first found absurd, but then it gave me an idea.

I used to be very meticulous about my finances, entering every expense, no matter how small, into Quicken. Sometimes I'd get a few weeks behind, but I'd catch up eventually, make sure my accounts were reconciled, and generate monthly reports to import into Excel.

Well, I'm now about two years behind. But I've still kept all my receipts, and still want them entered. It occurs to me that if I ever want to get this done, I should just pay someone to do it. But it would need to be someone I trust, and who could do it to my specifications, and not take forever about it.

Not sure how much money, per hour or per project, this kind of work is worth, so if you're interested please ping me and make an offer. Comments screened.

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