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Awesome weekend

In a big contrast from recent weekends, I actually have been having a fabulous time the last few days.

(Pride photos for the impatient.)

Friday day: My division of UCSF had a staff appreciation day at the SF Zoo. I hadn't been there in many years and wasn't particularly thrilled about going given its shoddy reputation of late, so I didn't bother to bring my good camera. But once I got there and drank some hot cocoa to brace against the chilly overcast day, I did walk around and snap some shots with my point-and-shoot. Surprisingly, these didn't come out much worse than my Oakland Zoo shots, which were taken with my SLR. The main frustrations were the slow speed and not being able to use manual focus easily to blur out the cage bars effectively, which would have been great for capturing the adorable tiger cubs. Interface issues aside, I seem to be using this little camera more lately due to its light weight, so I'm going to order a larger, faster SD card for it and make sure to keep it handy.

After the Zoo I went to a private boat club near Mission Bay for a former colleague's retirement party. Mike F had suggested we perform some songs that Wallace, the retiree, especially liked, so we'd gotten together three times before the party to rehearse, with Mike on acoustic guitar and both of us sharing the vocals. We sang: Bob Dylan's "When I Paint My Masterpiece" and "Forever Young", CSNY's "Helpless", the Beatles' "Blackbird", Elvis Costello's "Veronica", and Van Morrison's "Moondance". Wallace was very moved, which made me happy. I also enjoyed reconnecting with other colleagues from my former department.

Friday evening: Went with boyziggy to The Flytrap Restaurant to see Vicki perform there for the last time. She's lost several of these restaurant gigs due to ownership changes, which is very tough for a full-time musician, so I wanted to be sure to support her. She sang especially well, and I enjoyed tasty gnocchi and warm apple crisp also.

Saturday day: Had a bass lesson with Steve, the first since getting the instrument refretted. I was very frustrated by not being able to get the right hand position or figure out where the notes were on the frets right away, but Steve rightfully told me to be patient. I'm not sure why I thought I'd be able to pick up this instrument and instantly be able to play it. Must practice, practice.

After my lesson, I had hoped to go to the Mime Troupe backyard preview, but was very behind on laundry and really needed a nap before the evening, so got those things taken care of.

Saturday evening: Went with mike20 to his friend's BBQ, where we attempted to play Guitar Hero and Grand Theft Auto, both of which had interfaces too annoying to bother with for long. I enjoyed watching more experienced players at the latter though; the graphics were amazing, even if the gameplay situations were quite ridiculous.

Later we went to my co-worker Rich's birthday concert at the Beale St. Bar and Grill. We came near the end of the first band's set, and chatted with several of my co-workers. The second band, The Final Frontiersmen, was quite amusing. The third, The Hi-Nobles, was amazingly good, got everyone dancing, and when they announced they'd be at the Bottom of the Hill next month, Mike and I immediately agreed we would go. Highly recommended. Finally, Rich's band, Palace Family Steakhouse, took the stage with their wacky hijinks. I got a bunch of photos, which I'll post soon.

Directly after the show, I found all my co-workers had already left. Mike and I stayed for awhile, then went for a walk as we weren't tired yet, finally heading home sometime after 1:30.

Sunday: Dragged myself out of bed after much too little sleep, to go meet up with the BABN contingent in the Pride Parade. It was a good two hours between when I got there around 10:40 and when we started moving, but while waiting I had many lovely chats and snuggles with friends, including mikz, saffroncisco, elgecko, pure_agnostic, and many others.

Once we started marching, I simply couldn't stop grinning. Our fabulous bi-cyclists wheeled in front of the banner, I marched with others on foot behind, and our truck brought up the rear. People all along the route cheered. It was a wonderful, wonderful experience. I brought only my point-and-shoot, but took a good number of photos.

After the parade my lack of sleep, food, and water caught up with me, and I had to abandon plans to go to karaoke or to Café du Nord to see the Blue Bear workshops. Fortunately I managed to meet up with obadiah who I walked around with briefly before he gave me a ride home. Then kragen came by for a lovely visit. Great ending to a fabulous weekend.
Tags: photography, singing

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