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Fed up with commute. New plan.

The N-Judah was significantly delayed again today. At this point, I actually cannot remember the last time that either my morning or evening commute was not delayed. I am fed up and have made a new plan.

Starting tomorrow, I am going to walk to the Mount Zion campus and catch the shuttle to work. Home to Mt. Zion is approximately 2.2 miles. I'll budget 45 minutes for this, based on the amount of time it took when I walked to work at Laurel Heights (a slightly longer distance). The 8:05 shuttle will drop me off in front of the UCSF Library at 8:20. That will give me time to change into non-sweaty clothes and start work by 8:30. Coming home, I'll catch either the 5:30, 5:50, or 6:10, or later depending on work needs. Again the trip to Mt. Zion is 15 minutes, with another 45 minutes to get home. While the hour-plus commute will be longer than it takes now on a good day, the good commute days are getting fewer and farther between...

I realize I am likely tempting fate by posting this to my blog, since virtually every time I have posted about a fitness or diet-related change here, I have gone off it either very quickly or some time later. The latest example would be signing up for a 5K race in the hope that would motivate me to jog in Golden Gate Park after work a couple times a week. After three months in the new job, I have not jogged a single time, and am assuming I'm not going to do the race at this point.

However, doubling my walking time each day should bring some benefit, if I can manage to stick to it. Who knows, with the added exercise and some dietary changes I might even still get down to my theoretical ideal weight of 125 pounds before my 20-year high school reunion this fall. (The reunion hasn't been scheduled yet, but I'm assuming it will take place around Thanksgiving). I've actually grown somewhat comfortable with my current weight of about 145 pounds, which has remained remarkably stable, but I would still like to fit comfortably into those size 12 jeans I bought, and to get rid of that damn double chin.

Hopefully the added exercise might encourage me to choose better foods as well, as one has often followed the other in my experience. Exercise doesn't give me that endorphin rush that people talk about, but eating a lowfat vegan diet has improved my mood significantly in the past, when I've been able to stick to it. Which is rare. But if it would help manage my depression, which has flared up badly this year after being in remission for awhile, it would be worth the trouble. Again jinxing myself by even mentioning it here, most likely, but the facts should be documented. Small steps...
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