Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

New commute successful thus far

Today I got out of bed shortly after my alarm went off at 6 a.m. Which is rare. Having forgotten to plug my Treo into the charger in my nightstand and thus having to physically get up and walk to my desk in the other room to turn it off helped. Hmm, maybe I should go back to keeping my alarm clock on the other side of the bedroom...

Anyway, I was out the door by 7:09, and even with a stop at the ATM I arrived at Mt. Zion by 7:48. I had intended to catch the 8:05 shuttle, but the 7:45 shuttle had not yet departed, so I hopped on. Unfortunately there were no seats left, and standing on a UCSF shuttle can be a harrowing experience. Still, I arrived at work shortly after 8 a.m., changed, and started the day feeling good.

Coming home, I caught the 6:10, which was only a couple of minutes late. I was the only one who got on at the first stop, and once again found myself sitting underneath my UCSF LGBT Visibility Project poster. (Well actually it was a more general poster of me and one other person from the project.) A few more people got on at the next stop, but once again no one noticed or at least didn't mention anything. Well, I did have my hair pulled back and glasses on... Arrived at Mt. Zion 6:29 p.m., walked straight home, arriving at approximately 7:10 (forgot to check the clock till I'd already been home for a few minutes).

The advantages of this new route are many, besides the obvious exercise benefit. I can once again walk partway to work with boyziggy on some weekdays. I can visit my bank's ATM without having to go out of my way. I get a semi-private shuttle rather than a crowded noisy streetcar. I get sidewalks not crowded with Union Square tourists.

And I can always hop on the 1 California bus if I'm really tired or the weather is bad. I want to avoid that option as much as possible though, as I hate transferring between modes of transportation - so hard to get the timing right - and I would rather walk a reasonable distance than take the bus under most circumstances.

Anyway, I'm not feeling quite as good as this morning, mostly because I've been having dizzy spells for the last few days, but don't want to be alarmist or a hypochondriac about it quite yet. I'll be glad when Ziggy's home from New York tomorrow night...
Tags: fitness, health, work

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