Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Mendocino Days 2-3

(Photos for the impatient.)

Saturday we arose and had a delicious vegan breakfast at The Ravens. I had a florentine dish with tofu and spinach; I forget what boyziggy chose. Afterward we started out on a two-mile walk along the coast, but I was very tired and the weather was overcast and somewhat depressing, so I took no photos and we cut the walk short. We relaxed back at the Inn for awhile, then went into town for a bit of shopping. I regret that we violated our perfect vegan vacation with some gooey caramel and fudge concoctions at the candy store.

Later that afternoon we had massages. Mine was one of the most intense that I'd experienced, but still very relaxing. The music, Bach's unaccompanied cello suites, was perfect. We gave good tips. A bit before dinner I went for a short walk down to the water and took some photos; the sun had finally peeked out.

Dinner at the Ravens was exquisite as always. I had potato-horseradish soup followed by portabello on flatbread with a side of potatoes; Ziggy had caesar salad and a saffron rice dish. To finish we shared an amazing pecan-based dessert (I don't normally even like pecans, but after one bite of Ziggy's I couldn't stop). That night we relaxed in our room, watched a bit of TV, read, surfed the web, and I practiced the bass. I enjoyed the copies of VegNews Magazine that were left in our room, reading interviews with various vegan celebrities (including Erykah Badu and Moby) and reading about other readers' vegan weddings; makes me wish I had submitted the story of our own!

Sunday morning we had scrumptious french toast, waffles, and potatoes for breakfast, all vegan. I was still very tired so we abandoned plans for a hike, also because we couldn't get a late check-out and didn't have a trunk in our ZipCar to leave our luggage in securely. Ziggy did want to visit some wineries, so we drove to Greenwood Ridge and Navarro vineyards in nearby Philo. I was surprised to discover one wine I actually liked: Navarro's White Riesling, which is very sweet. I also took a few more photos. The strong sunlight was in sharp contrast to the overcast skies at the Inn.

On the way home we stopped at Real Goods in Hopland to pick up a few earthy-crunchy things. It was hot and I wasn't in the mood for much clothes shopping, but found a nice hemp wallet. We also swung by Sebastopol as Ziggy was hoping to visit a Ziggyesque clothing store there, but it was closed just like the last time we swung by. Hopefully he will remember the name of the place and phone in advance next time... Finally we returned to the Bay Area, had dinner with zyxwvut in Berkeley and socialized for a bit.

I'm now officially on vacation. I have plenty of stuff I should be doing as I blogged previously (and I forgot to list one of the most important: closing my old bank account), but today I'm thinking I'm just going to relax and play Nethack. :-)
Tags: photography, travel

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