Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Rockin' out on the bass

So I had a bit of extra time between bass lessons as boyziggy and I were in Mendocino on Saturday during my usual lesson time. When I got tired of practicing the jazz piece Steve gave me, "Walkin' Shoes", I decided to teach myself the Police song "O My God", which I'd noticed had an awesome bass line when I was listening to Synchronicity the other week. I started out trying to transcribe it but it proved easier just to memorize it. I was able to sing and play it at the same time, though not quite at the original tempo.

Then I noticed the last verse stole the lyrics from another Police song (as Sting is wont to do), "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic". So I taught myself just the beginning of that as well.

Today I had scheduled an afternoon lesson to make up for Saturday, since I'm off work this week. Steve adjusted the bridge of my bass to address the buzzing that persisted even after the refret. Then before we had a chance to work on the jazz song or scales, I just said "check this out" and launched right into "O My God". Steve picked up his guitar and played along with me. He was really impressed that I could sing and play different rhythms at the same time already; in fact, he said I was making phenomenal progress, and could practically be in a band workshop already. This was high praise coming from him! Today was only my fifth lesson I think (and one of those was mostly him putting new strings on the instrument).

Anyway I was very happy because I was nervous that he'd be annoyed I worked so much on the Police song, but I did manage to get through the jazz piece as well, with increasing accuracy and confidence each time through, while he played along on guitar. I'm very excited about this. All I've ever wanted to be able to do is jam with other people on an instrument, and I feel I'm making great strides in that direction.

(Note to self: Make bass icon for LJ. Maybe from one of these.)
Tags: bass, singing

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