Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Vacation at home report

Well, I didn't get done most of the stuff I wanted to do this week. But I did relax, practice the bass, and do a fair amount of walking, at least.

Monday I mostly played Nethack and surfed the web. Tuesday I did more of the same, then went to a potluck with boyziggy and mike20 in the evening. Both days I practiced the bass a fair amount.

Wednesday I'd planned to actually start doing something useful, but was in a bad mood so played Nethack and surfed the web again until my bass lesson late afternoon, which went quite well and boosted my spirits. That night Ziggy and I went to see WALL-E (he had already seen it once), which was fantastic just as everyone has said; I might write up a separate post on it at some point.

Thursday I got a touch-up at Madusalon, then went to dinner with Mike K, Ziggy, and his friend Jen before seeing the The Hi-Nobles at the Bottom of the Hill. I did quite a bit of walking that day: probably three miles from home to Madusalon, another mile before catching the bus home, 3/4 mile or so from home to BART. Then from the Mission, instead of taking a bus that went directly to the Potrero Hill restaurant where we were meeting, I decided to walk since I was running very early. While the walk at first was uninspiring, upon crossing the pedestrian bridge over the freeway I got great views of the city, and actually enjoyed walking up and down the hills. Seeing WALL-E really made me want to use my legs somehow...

The Hi-Nobles concert was much fun, as I expected it would be having seen them last month at my co-worker Rich's birthday concert. Mike and I ended up chatting with the lead singer, Scotty, for awhile before and after his set; he was quite nice. In fact we entirely missed the second band, staying outside on the back patio, where I also ran into photographer mrdodgy, and probably inhaled a pack worth of secondhand smoke. The third band, the headliner I guess (we really only came to see the Hi-Nobles), was quite loud and not to my liking, and we left somewhat before midnight.

Friday late morning I went to campus to meet my friend Dave for lunch and pick up some packages that had been delivered in my absence. A strike was going on, which I support, as our lower-paid workers barely make enough to live in the city where they work, and I hated to cross the picket line. While it was excellent timing that the strike happened the week I was away from the office, I did have to time my arrival and departure carefully as the shuttles were contracted out and running on a reduced schedule. I would have preferred to walk all the way home from Mount Zion, but was carrying a heavy load, so took the 1 California, which was insanely crowded for the middle of the afternoon, and very unpleasant.

Friday evening Ziggy and I met up with Mike K at Lake Merritt BART, got a City CarShare and drove to Alameda to see Steve perform at the Pasta Pelican. He played guitar and sang mostly R&B stuff with the house band, then sat and talked with us during the break. I enjoyed the mango daiquiri that he highly recommended. Later Ziggy and Mike and I went to Oakland for brian1789's birthday party, which was much fun; enjoyed lovely talks and snuggles with many friends.

Today (Saturday) I was much less prepared for my bass lesson than I was on Wednesday, especially as I'd only had a few hours' sleep each of the last couple of nights. Despite that, Steve didn't complain, and in fact gave me an even harder assignment to work on, the beautiful jazz song "Black Orpheus", which I'm to write my own bass part for. He gave me some guidelines, of course, and it helps that I already know the song, having sung it at the Berkeley Arts Festival in 2000, among other occasions. After I got home I crashed for several hours. Then tonight Ziggy and I rented "Batman Begins", to watch in preparation for seeing "The Dark Knight" sometime this week or next. Really great film. Also enhanced by finding another wine that I like, a very sweet Muscat.

Well, tomorrow's it for my vacation before I go back to work. We're going to play laser tag in the evening, which gives me the day to see if I can get anything useful accomplished before going back to work. Wish I had another week...
Tags: bass, fitness, singing

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