Pax (funcrunch) wrote,


Friday night: Crashed on the couch exhausted, unable to resist while boyziggy rented Analyze This from the iTunes online store. Fortunately, it was pretty funny.

Saturday day: Bass lesson, went OK but not great. Got unnecessarily frustrated over not being able to immediately play a passage I hadn't practiced. Steve did like most of my Black Orpheus arrangement, however, and was excited that I brought in Low Spark of High Heeled Boys, which he also loves. (I corrected him when he said he'd been listening to that song since before my birth, though; however flattering that was, I beat Traffic by a year.)

Saturday night: Went to Very Fun Party. Ziggy was free for a change, and had a great time too. I enjoyed the company of pure_agnostic, hopeforyou, inflectionpoint, mikz, and many others.

Sunday: Should have practiced bass during the day, but played Nethack instead. That evening I went to Bazaar Café in the Richmond district to watch laughingstone's debut performance. She was great, as was euneeblic who accompanied her on one song. I took lots of photos. Also enjoyed the other performer, Samantha Lien. And the venue itself was terrific - lots of vegan food options, and a great vibe.
Tags: bass, concert, photography

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