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Music and black belts

On Thursday night I went with obadiah to see my last Cal Performances show of the season, Paco de Lucia, flamenco guitarist. It was quite enjoyable, especially the second set. I also appreciated that they had tropical plants and creative lighting rather than the usual boring ugly old sound shell on the stage.

On Saturday night I went to see the Alex Walsh Band, a local group my co-worker Al recommended, which was playing at a Starbucks of all places. At least they had comfy stuffed chairs and real mugs available. The music was fun - made me want to get back to singing and tinkering with GarageBand.

On Sunday afternoon boyziggy and I attended zyxwvut's aikido black belt test. It was quite a moving experience. I could tell Eric was giving every ounce of strength and determination that he had. Yet he also managed to inject humor, demonstrating practical aikido techniques for dealing with crowded buses and for politely deflecting would-be huggers into shaking hands.

Afterward followed party, hot-tubbing, and much snuggly goodness. Ziggy was pleased to find that saizai makes a very good lap cat. ;-)

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