Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Another $30 saved

Part of the Your Money Or Your Life program that I'm attempting to follow anew is keeping track of every penny spent and earned. I used to be quite good at this, making sure to get a receipt for all purchases and entering everything into Quicken. Sadly, I've fallen behind, and have well over a year of receipts backlogged. I once considered hiring someone to help me get up to date, but I've now realized it will be far more valuable for me to do this myself.

Anyway, for those times when I don't get a receipt, I need to record the expense until I can get to my home computer to enter it. My Treo came with a program called SplashMoney, but it's in trial mode. I was thinking I'd buy an iPhone before the trial ended, but now I'm putting off that purchase, so I was about to go buy this program.

Then I stopped dead in my tracks. Why on Earth do I need to purchase a program to record those few purchases that don't generate a receipt? Some of which I shouldn't be making anyway, like junk from vending machines. I can write things down on a piece of paper. People did all their accounting on paper not so long ago, after all.

Paper, folded, in wallet, done. Another $30 saved. Small steps.
Tags: money, ymoyl

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