Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Somewhat productive weekend

Today I finally felt almost completely free of the cold that's plagued me for the last week. I took advantage by doing a lot of cooking: big pot of brown rice, baked bean and rice casserole, salad dressing, cucumber-chickpea salad, and mostly-homemade* pizza. It was really nice to greet boyziggy as he came home from work not with "Did you bring me more orange juice and Kleenex?" but instead with "The pizza is almost done; would you like some salad in the meantime?"

I also spent some time entering old receipts into Quicken. This is a huge project and I can't tolerate doing it for more than an hour or so at a stretch, but I am making a dent in the pile. It's taking so long because I itemize thoroughly. A typical trip to the grocery store will be filed under several categories, not just "groceries": food, bottle deposits, toiletries, household cleaning products, sales tax, and credit for bringing our own bags. It might seem like overkill, but I really prefer this level of detail, and it only takes a few minutes a day to do when I don't let the receipts pile up for two years like this. I look forward to reconciling all of my bank and credit card accounts when I'm done, and calculating exactly how much money we've spent in each category over the last two years.

I also worked more on the layout for my site, trying to get the CSS to line up the captions to the right of the images, without using tables. I finally found something that seemed to work, but according to Browsershots the captions still appear below the images in most versions of Internet Explorer. Also, I really need to change the header, as the black background doesn't fit with the page well and the PNG transparency isn't supported in some browsers. Oh well, at least I got this project off the back burner. I may just move the whole thing into the Drupal content management system at some point, when I have more content than just the one page; that would be overkill for now, and I'd still have to come up with a better design anyway.

Finally, I practiced the bass. I only practiced once last week since I was sick, and it really showed in my lesson yesterday. Steve also suggested that I use a different right-hand position as I was resting my thumb too far from my fingers; I've found changing this to be very awkward, and I feel like I'm learning to play all over again. But as he rightly pointed out, it's not like I have a long illustrious bass-playing career already, and shouldn't yet be set in my ways. ;-)

One thing I did not do this weekend was go to a certain party that many of my friends planned to attend. Even if I hadn't gotten sick I wasn't planning to go anyway, but this week's illness and anxiety further dampened my enthusiasm for that scene. I hope those of you who did go had a good time, and maybe I'll start attending such events again some time in the future.

* Cornmeal crust was premade. Toppings were: soy mozzarella, roasted garlic spaghetti sauce, tempeh bacon, baby spinach, and red onions.
Tags: bass, health, money, ymoyl

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