August 14th, 2003


Shuttle ride transcript

Approximate transcript of Annoying Lady (AL) talking to Shuttle Driver (SD) nonstop during 15-minute ride between UCSF campuses.

AL: This is a really nice building, isn't it?

SD: Yes it is

AL: The whole side is made of glass!

AL: Oh, look at that building! It's right on a hill!

SD: Why yes it is

AL: Everything's on a hill in San Francisco! Not in Florida, where I'm from. Where are you from again?

SD: Um, New Mexico...

AL: Oh that's right, you already told me that. How long have you been driving this shuttle?

SD: Well, I think seven months...

AL: Oh, not even a year yet!!

SD: Yes, I'm a new guy!

AL: There's so much going on in this city! Can you believe it? Always something going on somewhere. Have you ever been to Miami?

SD: No...

AL: Don't go. It's awful. Too hot. Ooh, look at the color of that bus! Can you believe it!

SD: Yes, it's pretty crazy...

AL: Ooh, we're in the park now. Look at all the flowers. It's so nice how they planted them. We're almost there now, right?

Other Passenger: Could you stop at Fourth Avenue, please?

AL: Do you stop in front of Moffitt Hospital?

SD: Well no, unfortunately I stop only at Fourth Avenue and another stop just beyond the hospital...

AL: I don't want to walk up the hill. I will get off at the other stop. Is it very far?

SD: It's not far at all...

Other Passenger disembarks

AL: Oh, I really wouldn't want to walk up that hill! OK, do I signal you? Oh, you don't have a wire!

SD: These buses don't have signals - the next stop will be your stop!

AL: Oh, this is the hospital! Well, I shouldn't be asking so many questions. Oh, you're making me walk an extra half-block!

AL and other passengers disembark.

AL: Ohhh, it's breezy out!

funcrunch runs away as fast as possible.