August 18th, 2003


I am not an animal!

I am a human being!

So cried John Merrick in the movie adaptation of The Elephant Man, cowering, huddled against the masses who tore off his mask and crowded in to gawk at his grotesque features. I watched that movie many years ago, and I can still hear that tormented cry.

Much more recently, I mused about the purpose of human existence in the universe, and what is it that separates us from animals.

I think I have part of the answer now.

We can control our emotions. We can avoid pleasures of the flesh. We can forswear love and all of its romantic entanglements.

We can convince ourselves that there is more joy to be had in classical music, in chess, in the study of languages and literature, in the pursuit of wealth and status, than in the simple basic warmth of a fellow human's embrace.
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    Dvorak Cello Concerto Op. 104

Infrequently Asked Questions

Q: Hey Julie! Where'd you get that cute icon that you use on your Live Journal?

A: Some months ago, I saw on the Screen Savers show a great silly web site where you can make Lego people. (Not at all affiliated with the LEGO© group.) I of course immediately had to make several of my friends into Legos. My LJ portrait is my Lego self, cropped to 100 x 100 (which I thought was the maximum size allowed, though I've seen a lot of larger LJ pics, hmm).

Q: Why don't you put up any real photos of yourself?

A: I may at some point. I still haven't added anything public to my new web site, other than a link to this LJ and to Bob Hillman.

OK, actually no one asked either of these questions, but I wanted an excuse to post the Lego page, and to follow up a somber post with a silly one.