October 3rd, 2003


Mac attack

My G5 came a day earlier than expected! Apple bumped me from two-day shipping to priority overnight, perhaps because they were just shipping within the state. Fortunately, boyziggy was already borrowing a van for other business and so we were able to get it home last night.

The box was beautiful (see Mark Morford's SF Chronicle column on Apple packaging), but this machine is heavy! In contrast to the relatively lightweight monitor that came earlier, I could barely carry the box from my office down the hall to the lobby. Ziggy dragged it up the stairs to our apartment while I sat in the van with the blinkers on (I do wish we had our own parking space, but I refuse to pay $175/month for the privilege).

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I should finish setting everything up tonight. Ziggy will inherit my G4, and thus hopefully be converted to the Macintosh Way.