January 12th, 2004

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A setback and a look ahead

We visited Stern Grove on Saturday as planned. I loved the place and was willing to book it immediately if it was available. boyziggy was more reserved, wanting to look at more places first. Regardless, they weren't able to tell us the availability at the site, so we had to phone back today. Sadly, both dates we asked about, September 18 and 25, are already booked. So it looks like we'll be looking at more places after all. Though we could still change the date, we probably would have to make it a weekday to get Stern Grove in September at this point, and weekdays would make it hard for many guests to attend.

I'm a bit worried about the expense...

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Looking to the more immediate future, my birthday's coming up on Feb 3. I'm not doing a joint party at the Zuckershack this year, but I still don't have much room to have people over at my apartment. So I was thinking of doing karaoke at the Mint. I just don't know if anyone will show up based on the last time I tried to get a group going there, so I'm not sure if I should bother to try to reserve a table.
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