March 9th, 2004


I hate women's clothing

I absolutely hate shopping for clothes. Part of the reason is my ever-fluctuating weight, and part is that I couldn't care less about fashion. But what really turns me off is how nonsensical and impractical mainstream women's clothing is in this country.

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Oh my god, I can actually see the surface of my desk.

Nevermind that I have a foot-high stack of mostly-unsorted papers in the corner. The remaining surface areas are neat and orderly. I did something useful at work today! :-)

P.S. My ulterior motive for this is to look into getting an electric tea kettle that I can use at my desk without creating a fire hazard. I'm drinking tea several times a day now and don't want to hog the microwave (we don't have a stove in the office kitchen, nor any spare outlets that I can find).