November 24th, 2004

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It pays to ask

I've been getting lunch at a cafeteria-style restaurant near my office on and off for nearly four years now. I like the rice and bean burrito because it's quick, cheap, and fairly filling. Only problem is, they put the bins of beans in front of the bins of meat. This means that when they scoop out meat to put on a burrito or other dish, bits of meat and meat juices are prone to drip into the beans.

I observed this suboptimal setup for all these four years before finally speaking up today. I politely pointed out the problem, explaining that while it likely wouldn't be a big deal for a few beans to get mixed into the meat, vegetarians generally have a bigger problem with meat getting into their food. The gentleman behind the counter (who I believe is the manager, which is part of why I waited until a time he was serving me before asking) immediately agreed to switch the positions of the bins beginning on Monday.

Wow. I thanked him and made sure to leave a tip. I wish I wouldn't be so shy about speaking up about these things.
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