December 1st, 2004


I R Us: Josh Kornbluth's pro-tax blog

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I just added the feed i_r_us for "I R Us", Josh Kornbluth's pro-tax blog. Josh is a monologuist based in the San Francisco Bay Area who is currently performing "Love and Taxes", the basis of said blog, around the country, and is also performing "Ben Franklin: Unplugged". He also stars in two movies based on his monologues, Haiku Tunnel and the recently-released Red Diaper Baby.
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boyziggy and I had a fabulous Thanksgiving feast. We were alone this year (some friends we had invited couldn't make it), but that didn't stop us from making a full complement of goodies: Tofurkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, candied yams, biscuits, carrots, peas, cranberry sauce, fruit salad, and pumpkin pie, washed down with chai, sparkling apple cider, and Silk Nog.

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Yum. Everything was homemade (mostly by Ziggy) except for the Tofurkey and cranberry sauce (I have a fetish for ejecting the jellied variety from the can with a satisfying *splorp*). Everything was vegan except for (technically) the biscuits which had a little honey in them. Everything came out great except the candied yams (my fault: new recipe, wrong kind of yams, wrong oven temperature, among other problems).

I ate so much I was in pain afterward. The kitchen was a huge mess. And it was all worth it.
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Music of the moment

Some musical and theatrical activities I've enjoyed and/or participated in lately (very long)

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More music: This Friday is the Messiah Sing-along at UC Berkeley. Next Tuesday I may be heading back to the opera, as boyziggy is going to try to get comps for Eugene Onegin. He thinks I will like it since it's Tchaikovsky. I saw the last fifteen minutes or so of it last night on a TV monitor (he snuck me backstage after I left the Josh Kornbluth talk next door at the Herbst Theater). I had no idea what they were singing and couldn't see the stage in any detail, but the music sounded enjoyable.