December 14th, 2004


Thnking of moving

I'm thinking of moving again. I was sure this would be the last apartment I'd live in before buying a house, but then I said the same thing about four apartments ago. The SF real estate market is just so ridiculous right now that I don't want to enter it, even with boyziggy's new job (which is now 99.99% certain) and thus much higher income. Though we will check with his father when we visit in a couple of weeks to see how much equity he has in his DC condo, I choke at the thought of paying half a million for a no-frills 2 bdr TIC condo in an undesirable neighborhood.

Anyway, since we will have more money I am thinking it would be nice to get a larger place in the neighborhood where I wanted to live in the first place: the Inner Sunset. If we lived close enough to the UCSF Parnassus campus I could take the shuttle to work. Ziggy could take the N-Judah almost directly to work (near the Civic Center). I would be near Golden Gate Park for jogging. We would be near lots of interesting shops, maybe even close enough to walk to Haight-Ashbury.

I'm just disillusioned with where we are now, on the Nob Hill/Chinatown border: between the noisy cable cars and streets clogged with tourists, walking through the Tenderloin to get to downtown where everything is trendy and overpriced - no thanks. Chinatown holds no special appeal to me either.

Most of all I really want more space. A glance at Craigslist and Metrorent seems to indicate that we may be able to get a flat for $200-$400/month more than we're paying now, and the upper ranges include outdoor space, sometimes an extra room, and parking (handy even though we still won't own a car, for visitors/garage space/City Car Share). Ziggy's insistent on getting a dishwasher, and it would be good to find a place that accepts cats, even though we don't have one yet.

Any move likely wouldn't happen until April, and I still haven't sold Ziggy 100% on the idea. Just some preliminary thinking.