May 5th, 2005

halter top over shoulder

More from photo shoot

lrc posted more of the photos from last Friday's photo shoot. Thanks Larry, I know it was a lot of work to get them all sorted out.

I'm disappointed with the ones of me in the blue shirt as I was cross-eyed due to the late hour and bright lights. I was hoping to use one of those for a definitive head shot.

If you want a link to the nudes and semi-nudes, please e-mail me directly. None are pornographic, though a few might be seen as mildly erotic. Though I'm not exactly a naturist, I think laws and societal taboos against nudity, particularly female upper-body nudity, are ridiculous.

Thanks also to those who participated in my first LJ poll. It's interesting to see what photos of me others think are flattering.
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